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Love Each Other Better

GRC_heart_transparent-1Learn proven skills to love each other better.

Loving Out Loud
will teach you core Gottman relationship principles and tools to help you love each other better and apply these principles to your unique relationship.

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Say Yes to Forever

GRC_heart_transparent-1Discover the power of dreams and goals!

Learn how to navigate a path towards making them come true with Building a Life Together. Cultivate trust and commitment, find joy in shared experiences, and embrace fun and playfulness.

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Your Relationship Pillars

GRC_heart_transparent-1Follow proven practices based on 50 years of research.

Avoid harmful communication patterns that predict divorce with 98% accuracy with How to Make Your Relationship Work. Take intentional steps towards a happy, lasting connection today.

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A healthy relationship equals an extraordinary quality of life.

Discover the essential skills to establish effective communication, manage conflicts with ease, and resolve disagreements constructively and much more.

All About Love



Studies indicate that it's the consistent, small gestures that create and maintain thriving relationships, more so than grand getaways or other momentous occasions. Our video series offers concise relationship-building exercises that you and your significant other can enjoy together.

Facts Over Myths

Gottman Video Thumb - Facts Over Myths

What Does Compatibility Mean?

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The Grass is Greener

Gottman Video Thumb - Grass is Greener

Say What You Need

Gottman Video Thumb -Say What You Need



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