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All About Conflict

Conflict is a Human Constant

How you approach an argument and what you do afterwards will make all the difference in your relationship. We can help.

Connecting Through Conflict

GRC_heart_transparent-1Arguing all the time and not getting

Dealing with Conflict will help you uncover the real reasons your partner is upset, how to compromise when there seems to be no hope in sight. Includes the "Rapoport exercise"— a proven method couples therapists use.

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Reflecting and Making Up

GRC_heart_transparent-1Stop feeling lost and not sure where you stand.

Making Up After an Argument features  “Five Steps After a Fight”, how to calm yourself when you’re overwhelmed during an argument, and how to process and make up the right way.

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Fight Right: the Complete Guide

GRC_heart_transparent-1Invest in your relationship and experience a transformation.

This collection will help you discover how to resolve conflict and foster a stronger, more harmonious relationship.  Includes Dealing with Conflict & Making Up After and Argument.

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Art & Science of Love: Live Virtual Events

Virtual-ASL-iconTwo-day live virtual workshop for couples

Strengthen your relationships through engaging presentations and experiential activities, grounded on what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable.


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Find a Gottman Couples Therapist

GRN-LOGO-1-white-transpGottman Referral Network

Gottman-trained therapist will contribute many years of training and experience toward helping you and your partner create a healthier and happier future. 


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Personalized Relationship Guidance

GRA_Adviser-bg-image-500x500Take the guesswork out  your relationship.

The Gottman Relationship Adviser is your blueprint to more love, joy, intimacy, and connection, analyzing every aspect of your relationship, then developing a personal plan for success.

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A healthy relationship equals an extraordinary quality of life.

 Discover the essential skills to improve your communication skills and turn conflict into connection

All About Conflict


Small Things Often on YouTube

Studies indicate that it's the consistent, small gestures that create and maintain thriving relationships, more so than grand getaways or other momentous occasions. Our video series offers concise relationship-building exercises that you and your significant other can enjoy together.

Facts Over myths

Gottman Video Thumb - Facts Over Myths

What Does Compatibility Mean?

Gottman Video Thumb - What Does Compatibility Really Mean_720x405

The Grass is Greener

Gottman Video Thumb - Grass is Greener

Say What You Need

Gottman Video Thumb -Say What You Need



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