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A virtual relationship evaluation tool for couples

Arguing about the same things over and over and not sure what the problem really is? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the state of your partnership? The Gottman Assessment, powered by the renowned, research-based Gottman Method, can help you evaluate what is really going on in your relationship, and then recommend solutions proven to strengthen your connection.

Based on 50+ years of science

Scientific self-assessment
Measures five key relationship areas: friendship and intimacy, sex and passion, conflict management, shared meaning, and trust and commitment.

100+ research-based questions
Designed to analyze your relationship’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

Measure relationship happiness
With an overall relationship satisfaction score.

Take it alone or together
Invite your partner for more detailed results.

Results can be used with the Gottman Relationship Adviser
Once you've taken the Assessment, you're almost there! All your responses are saved and ready to shape your unique roadmap. 

Just log into your Gottman Connect account to transition seamlessly. We’ll deduct the price difference from your purchase, use your Assessment responses to shape your program, and guide you through each exercise.

$45 - Buy Now 


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Additional Gottman products designed to help your relationship thrive

The Gottman name is synonymous with building healthy and lasting relationships.

Sort our programs based on what you are looking for help with.


How to Fight Right: the Complete Guide

GRC_heart_transparent-1Arguing all the time and not getting anywhere?

This collection will help you discover how to resolve conflict and foster a stronger, more harmonious relationship.  Includes Dealing with Conflict & Making Up After and Argument.

$298 $149

All About Conflict
AAI - BUNDLE2 (1000 x 1000 px)

The Complete Guide to Intimacy

GRC_heart_transparent-1Reignite the intimacy in your relationship.

All About Intimacy will enhance emotional and physical connection, reignite passion, and create a bond that lasts. Includes Loving Out Loud, Enriching Your Sex Life & Feeling Seen and Heard.

$298 $149

All About Intimacy
AAL - BUNDLE3 (1000 x 1000 px)

The Complete Guide to Love and Commitment

GRC_heart_transparent-1Invest in your relationship and experience transformation.

Building a Life Together, How to Make Your Relationship Work and Loving Out Loud will strengthen your love, deepen trust & commitment, & build a strong foundation to last a lifetime. 

$298 $149

All About Love

Get a Checkup and Personalized Plan

GRA_Adviser-bg-image-500x500Take the guesswork out of your relationship

Your blueprint to more love, joy, intimacy, and connection, the Gottman Relationship Adviser analyzes every aspect of your relationship, then develops a plan just for you.

$250 $199

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Connecting through Conflict

GRC_heart_transparent-1Arguing all the time and not getting anywhere?

Dealing with Conflict will help you uncover the reasons your partner is upset, how to compromise when there seems to be no hope. Includes the "Rapoport exercise" a proven therapist's method.

$149 $99

Learn More

Reboot Your Sex Life

GRC_heart_transparent-1Ignite the flames of passion!

Enriching Your Sex Life can help you express fantasies without fear, communicate about sensuality, learn each other’s preferences  and eroticism and build physical and emotional safety.

$79 $49

Learn More

Say Yes to Forever

GRC_heart_transparent-1Discover the power of dreams and goals!

Learn how to navigate a path towards making them come true with Building a Life Together. Cultivate trust and commitment, find joy in shared experiences, and embrace fun and playfulness.

$149 $99

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AAL - HTMYRW (1000 x 1000 px)

Your Relationship Pillars

GRC_heart_transparent-1Follow proven practices based on 50 years of research.

Avoid harmful communication patterns that predict divorce with 98% accuracy with How to Make Your Relationship Work. Take intentional steps towards a happy, lasting connection today.

$119 $79

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AAI - FSAH (1000 x 1000 px)

Make Each Other Feel Seen

GRC_heart_transparent-1Feel the power of effective communication


Never feel invisible with Feeling Seen and Heard. Develop real skills to navigate difficult conversations, build trust, create honest and effective communication and become great listeners.

$149 $99

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Reflecting and Making Up

 GRC_heart_transparent-1Stop feeling lost and not sure where you stand.

Making Up After an Argument features  “Five Steps After a Fight”, how to calm yourself when you’re overwhelmed during an argument, and how to process and make up the right way.

$149 $99

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Love Each Other Better

GRC_heart_transparent-1Learn proven skills to love each other better.

Loving Out Loud will teach you core Gottman relationship principles and tools to help you love each other better and apply these principles to your unique relationship.

$69 $39

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I really like what you have done right here, especially the way in which you make it entertaining while being wise.
K. L
Gottman Member
I love the Gottman approach to intimacy based on years of studies of relationship successes and failures.
Jeremy H.
Gottman Member
Thank you to the Gottman Institute for providing the tools my partner and I need to create a healthy relationship
Sanchia R.
Gottman Member

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